About us

Autocares Dominguez is synonymous with trust and reliability, so shows his wide range of customers that constantly reinforces their faithfulness towards us convinced our compliance and effectiveness.

Autocares Dominguez is an important benchmark in the field of passenger transport by road, his desire to improve and great flexibility to offer solutions to its customers, the company becomes a close friend and prevailing in the "YES" compared to "NO" and that their customers look for solutions and not more problems.

Fernando Dominguez, head of the company, brings his experience and dedication in order to maintain a recognition achieved over an entire career in the sector.

Gaining the trust of the people, to offer something different, always follow the agreement, be rigorous in the treatment and customer service ... are some of the keys that make Coach Dominguez in one of the most important companies in the sector.

At present, we can offer any solution on road trips, our fleet of vehicles meets each of their needs. Since the movement of small groups, business events and conventions, tours, transport for special events, family celebrations, etc. Our main goal is to make our customers, or worry of transportation service and can enjoy the trip.